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At Jacqueline & Edward, we work with recycled metals and alluvial river gold from across the UK to create beautifully artisan engagement rings, ethical wedding rings and ethical jewellery ready to be worn with pride and cherished forever. We’re a family business based in Yorkshire, our journey began over 30 years ago, when our co-founder Mark ventured into the world of gold panning with his late father, Edward. Now, Mark and his wife Jacqueline work together to create sustainable, eco-friendly rings with unique designs and details whilst supporting ethical charities such as trees for life.

Ethical Teal Sapphire Trilogy Engagement Ring

Ethical Engagement Rings

Ethical engagement rings handmade in Yorkshire using environmentally friendly diamonds and recycled precious metals.

Mixed Metal Mokume Gane Wedding Band Set

Ethical Wedding Rings

Handmade, wedding rings lovingly crafted from ethically sourced yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

Unique 0.75ct Yellow Diamond Necklace

Ethical Jewellery

Unique handmade jewellery handcrafted using ethical diamonds and eco-friendly yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

Handmade 18ct gold pave set oval engagement ring

Ready To Go

Our handmade, Ready To Go collection is dispatched in 1-2 days. Meticulously made from ethical precious metals and gemstones, these limited and unique pieces are available at up to 35% off.
Handmade Sun and Mountain Ring


Discover our collection of ethical men’s engagement rings, sustainably handmade in our workshop in Yorkshire. Every ring is made-to-order so you can customise any design to make it truly unique to you.

Pan Gold for Your Rings

Our belief is that a ring is made even more special when it becomes a story on your finger. What bigger a story than a gold panning adventure in the wilds of Scotland.  The gold you find will be melted into the alloy of your handmade ethical wedding rings.

Proposal Ring

Proposal Ring

Our innovative proposal ring is a great alternative to buying your final engagement ring prior to popping the big question. Made with hypoallergenic Argentinian silver and your diamond of choice, or a temporary stone.

Bespoke Commission

We offer a bespoke commission service for those wanting to have a unique wedding ring, engagement ring or other piece of jewellery designed and created using ethical metals, sustainably panned natural river gold and recycled or lab grown gemstones.

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Sustainable Platinum Rings with a Matt Finish

How to Choose Your Wedding Ring

Choosing your wedding ring can be a daunting task.  At Jacqueline & Edward we have a large and ever-growing range of ethical handmade wedding rings which as one customer succinctly surmised, can cause “analysis paralysis”.  

Choice allows you to feel individual and connect with a design you like.  It also inspires some people to develop ideas for new bespoke ring designs which they would not otherwise have thought of and perhaps want to have created by us.  However, whilst variety is the spice of life, we also totally understand the challenges it brings and the need to manage the decision-making process.  

Featured Products


Unusual Engagement Ring

Discover of the most exciting bespoke commissions we have worked on at Jacqueline & Edward, a unique engagement ring handmade in ethically sourced recycled platinum and featuring an extraterrestrial pallasite peridot, an extremely rare gemstone sourced from the Jepara meteorite.

How we created this unusual engagement ring.

Pallasite Ring

The Story of Jacqueline & Edward

Discover the story behind Jacqueline & Edward Jewellery.  Watch the process evolve from finding gold in a river using sustainable panning techniques to the creation of a beautiful engagement ring.  Our pieces are 100% handmade from start to finish using often ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation of professional bench jeweller.  Our core values are to create high quality handmade jewellery whilst bettering the world around us through a journey which puts our clients at the heart of our business.

We work with recycled metals, ethical gemstones and alluvial river gold from across the UK to create beautiful, ethical engagement rings and wedding rings ready to be worn with pride and cherished forever.

Find the Right Ring

Remote Ring Sizing

A remote ring sizing service for anyone thinking of buying a Jacqueline & Edward ring. It allows you to find your perfect wedding ring size for the exact ring you are interested in without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Ring Contouring Service

A bespoke wedding ring contouring service. We can create the perfect curved fit for your wedding ring, whether it be a sweeping curve or a lock and key fit. This can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Workshop Visit

Why not pay us a visit and take a look around our Yorkshire workshop?
Learn about ring making, ethical jewellery, the amazing world of natural British gold and how all these come together to make Jacqueline & Edward.

Other Services

We offer a range of other services from bespoke design to ring refinishing.
Whether you want to buy, restore, upgrade or maintain a wedding or engagement ring, we can provide everything you need.


Joshua, Bracknell, UK

I wanted to thank you guys again, a day after our wedding I sit here so incredibly happy. I am currently wearing my ring around my neck on the engagement chain Naomi gifted me when we got engaged, We have had so many compliments on our rings and we have you guys to thank for

Joshua Trillow

Graham, Huntingdon, UK

My ring arrived today and it is amazing. A couple of things to note: Customer service is exceptional and communication on the process leaves nothing to be desired. Craftsmanship was also amazing to include the handmade ring display box I received with my ring. All in all, it was a great experience and I’m through

Graham Staudt

Martyn, Glossop, UK

Myself & my partner recently had a ring made by Jacqueline & Edward jewellers chosen from their online collection. The purchase went smooth & easy with good communication from them & was delivered before the appointed time. We were over the moon with the quality & would not hesitate to make any purchases from them

Martyn Beard

Laura, London, UK

Jacqueline & Edward have done a beautiful job with our wedding bands. Having had bespoke jewellery done before, this was the smoothest experience I’ve ever had. They were incredibly helpful from the beginning, and very easy to work

Laura Jungman

Suzette, Dumbarton, Scotland

The whole experience has been ideal. There has been excellent communication at every stage, taking an impression of my engagement ring for custom shaping was very easy and I’ve now received the ring and I audibly gasped when I opened it; the packaging and the ring itself are so beautiful. I love that I was

Suzette Creighton

Laura, Revesby, UK

We received two beautifully handmade, one of a kind rings for our wedding. 5 star service from start to finish and we were even able to collect them from the workshop on the way up to our elopement which made it all the more special. Thank you guys

Laura, Revesby, UK

Ilsa, Battle, UK

Back in April my husband and I exchanged the wedding rings that were made for us with such care and attention by Jacqueline and Edward. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience through the whole process of choosing the rings and the design details of such a significant purchase. As soon as I found

Ilsa, Battle, UK

Ben, Walthamstow, UK

We bought both our wedding bands from Jacqueline and Edward and are both so so happy with how they turned out. We also used the remote ring sizing service which was brilliant to go through. Service was really quick and the rings feel so lovely. Their customer service is also absolutely fantastic. They helped us

Ben, Walthamstow, UK

Buyers Guides

Handmade vs Mass Produced

What is the difference between a handmade wedding ring and handmade engagement ring vs a mass produced one? Is a handmade ring right for you? Our buyers guide helps make that decision easier.

Our Trees

Trees for Life are 25 years into a 200 year vision to replant the native Caledonian Forest in Scotland. We wanted to lend a hand, so, from the profits of every order we plant a tree within our very own grove.

Our Ethos

We create handmade ethical wedding rings, engagement rings and other jewellery enhanced by natural British river gold. We believe in bettering the world around us using partnerships like Trees for Life.

Our Gold

We've been collecting natural gold across the UK and the rest of the world for two generations. Adding some of this magic into our rings connects people to places, creating a story on your finger.

Get in Touch

Our Wedding and Engagement Rings Will Always be Made Responsibly

Natural gold is alloyed with ethically sourced recycled gold in our range of handcrafted eco-friendly wedding rings. Our insistence on using recycled metal and sustainably panned gold dissociates our work from the often-harmful humanitarian and ecological effects of mining. This will always be the case.

Enjoy our unique wedding rings and other jewellery which doesn’t compromise our environment. Get in touch to discover how we can craft a piece of jewellery which more than meets your values while complementing your personal style.

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