Ethical Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings & Jewellery

We make Ethical Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Jewellery by hand from ethically sourced materials. We work with materials and processes that put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve been successfully panning gold for many years to use in our ethical jewellery. We also offer a totally unique gold panning experience. Take an adventure with us to the wilds of Scotland, strike gold and we can incorporate the gold you find into a beautiful, ethical engagement ring, wedding rings or other jewellery.

Each ring we create is individually crafted, unique and follows the methods of age old traditions we hope will never be lost.

All of our rings are ethical, handmade and created in the UK. We use recycled metals, gems, diamonds or lab grown diamonds and alluvial river gold. At Jacqueline & Edward we pride ourselves on creating sustainable jewellery that doesn’t compromise the environment.

  • British gold responsibly sourced from rivers
  • Eco-friendly precious metals from recycled sources
  • Recycled or Lab-Grown Diamonds
Ethical Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings & Jewellery

Our Team


Whether roaming the wilds prospecting for gold and silver or designing and making wedding rings at his bench, Mark takes an alchemical approach to his work at Jacqueline & Edward, fusing the art of goldsmithing with the science of geology and metallurgy. As a world gold panning finalist and British and Scottish gold panning champion, gold runs in his blood.

Carrying a deep love for the earth with a geologist’s understanding of the landscape, Mark’s vision for Jacqueline & Edward is guided by his training as a Chartered Environmentalist and Scientist, and built on a bedrock of uncompromising sustainable practices.


 Jacqueline is the driving force, the determination and the compassion behind Jacqueline & Edward leading on decision making and shaping the growth of the company, whilst lending a keen eye for new designs and ideas.  Since her first experience gold panning a decade ago, sourcing natural gold with co-founder Mark for their wedding rings, Jacqueline has dedicated herself to ethical jewellery.

Jacqueline is also a stage actress, singer and dancer – with a degree in musical theatre and a love of animals. As well as managing our finances and overseeing our social media output, most importantly… she brushes Ronnie ready for his next adventure.


Ronnie is Mark and Jacqueline’s dog – he’s the watcher and the fetcher, the path beater and the food gobbler. He spends dog-days on the river endlessly chasing rocks and watching over the expedition with the intensity of a deranged and obsessive foreman. Whatever Ronnie says, goes – which is why you’ll often find the team howling together.

His evenings are spent retrieving sticks and leaves from his undercoat, covering the campervan in fur, and ensuring the duvet and pillows are soaking wet before bed. Ronnie is the team’s mascot and Jacqueline and Mark are his pack, exactly the way it should – and will always – be.

Jess Head of Marketing


Jess is the digital marketing heartbeat of Jacqueline & Edward and resident outdoor enthusiast and ethical purist. When she’s not busy climbing mountains or sprinting across trails, she’s using her superhuman skills to propel our brand to new heights. In a world of greenwashing, Jess is the North Star of true ethical value in all its nuisances and complexity.

With her unwavering commitment to marketing excellence and ponchant for everything ethical, we’re thrilled to have Jess as the head of our digital marketing team.

Daniel Senior Jeweller


Daniel joined us with over 11 years of experience under his belt working and learning in some of the finest workshops that Edinburgh and Harrogate have got to offer. His handmade ethical pieces are the stuff of dreams, and his hard work, dedication, and painful perfectionism are all evident in the stunning quality of his work. When he’s not busy creating works of art in the workshop, you can find Daniel twiddling his elaborate moustache (which, we must say, is quite impressive), cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or reading about all thing’s jewellery – and, for that matter, anything else that piques his interest, from philosophy to poetry to social science. As a quirky, deep-thinking member of our team, Daniel has become a key central player within the workshop, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board. Here’s to many more years of moustache twirling and jewellery making!


Simon is our gold enthusiast and fitness aficionado. Simon’s love for gold is more than just a passing fancy; it’s a full-blown case of gold fever. Luckily for us, his passion for all things shiny has led him to become an apprentice jeweller having moved away from his former career as an environmental consultant where he acquired qualifications as a chartered environmentalist and Scientist. When Simon isn’t busy developing his jewellery making skills, you can find him out and about in nature, pounding the pavement on a morning run, or tracking every aspect of his fitness regime on meticulously recorded Excel spreadsheets. We have no doubt that his attention to detail and relentless dedication will forge him in the fires of goldsmithing to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of jewellery making.


Meet Kay, the most overqualified admin person you could ever hope to find. She owns two other businesses, but when she saw that we could use a little extra organisation and efficiency, she couldn’t resist joining our team.  Kay is super quick, super “on it,” and an all-around superwoman who keeps our office running like a well-oiled machine. We suspect she has a cape hidden somewhere in her desk drawer! In her spare time, well, she doesn’t really have any spare time – but if she did, we’re sure she would use it to save the world or run another business or something equally impressive.

Max Bench Jeweller


Meet Max, our newest jeweller who has come out of retirement with 23 years of experience because he couldn’t resist the lure of being a creative any longer.  He is a highly skilled and reliable craftsman, and nothing seems to faze him – we suspect he’s seen it all before! Max is over the moon to be “back in the trade,” using his well-honed traditional skills to handcraft ethical jewellery and keep the art form alive. In his spare time (when he’s not dreaming about jewellery), he loves faceting stones – a hobby that has already come in handy in the workshop, where his creative ideas are flourishing. Max doesn’t have any other hobbies, because in his life there is only family, jewellery, and precious stones. And that’s just how we like it – with his singular focus and deep knowledge, Max is a true gem of a team member.




Grandpa Ray thought retirement would bring peace and quiet. Amplified by a global pandemic, it brought boredom and frustration instead. Ever since we caught wind he loved his shed, we surrounded him with an array of his favourite tools and offered one simple mission: make jewellery boxes for beer money. 

Now each Jacqueline & Edward order is packaged in fine, handcrafted wooden boxes made from locally foraged fallen timber. Thanks Grandpa Ray, you’re ace.


Dr Phil Studds does it all – with a doctorate in microbiology, years of experience as a geologist in the environmental sector, and hundreds of hours under his belt as a gold panner in the Scottish wilderness.

Gold panning in the unpredictable Highlands weather, you need a good sense of humour. Lucky for us Phil is an endearing, warm and friendly member of the Jacqueline & Edward team, with a wicked laugh and a zen insight into sourcing natural river gold. When he’s not out in the remote Scottish hills he’s enjoying the balmy climate of North England with a pie and pea supper.


When we were swept up into the tornado of Jacqueline & Edward, who better to ground us than Auntie Em, who came striding down the yellow brick road to offer us help in the form of beautiful hand-crafted wool inserts to our wooden boxes. Her skills do not stop there, for she creates anything and everything made of fabric we use at Jacqueline & Edward.  

Having recently started an eco-sewing company of her own and being a loved close member of the family, Emma was the perfect addition to our close knit (no pun intended) and passionate team.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to using ethically sourced materials and sustainable practices in the creation of our jewellery we support the charity Trees for life.

We care deeply about preserving the beautiful world that we live in so we give back by teaming up with Trees for Life a not for profit charity who are replanting the native Caledonian Forest in Scotland.

We plant trees for each and every Jacqueline & Edward order that we receive. Helping Trees for Life on their mission to Rewild the Scottish Highlands.
The tree can be named after you and your partner. If you’re planning a natural wedding, you could even consider encouraging your guests to make donations, in place of buying a gift.

We even use fallen branches to make our environmentally friendly wooden ring boxes for our handmade jewellery.

What our customers say

James, Canterbury, UK

Cannot recommend Jacqueline & Edward highly enough to anybody seeking high quality, well made, ethical jewellery. I approached them to commission a self-designed piece, and they were brilliant! Mark was incredibly knowledgeable in advising how the ring could be realistically made as close to my design as possible, and Richard did a fantastic job making

James, Canterbury, UK
Bespoke Recycled Platinum Engagement Ring

Dean, Fareham, UK

I can’t recommend Jacqueline and Edward anymore highly. Fantastic to work with, will work with you to ensure you end up with the exact ring you wanted. Very responsive and knowledgeable. I was a little concerned using a company I’d never heard of, but their morals aligned with mine and I’m so glad I did,

Dean, Fareham, UK

Raleigh, London, UK

I spent a long time looking for an ethical ring designer, comparing different artists and their ethos. I am so delighted that I settled on Jacqueline & Edward and could not be happier with the end result. Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with and was fantastic at navigating me through the process of

Raleigh, London, UK

Rhega, Essex, UK

I commissioned Mark to create my fiancee’s engagement ring, and it is absolutely perfect. I had an idea and Mark brought it to life. He went above and beyond throughout the entire process. For example, Mark offered flexibility when I was unable to make up my mind for the ring’s finish, and also ensured that

Rhega, Essex, UK

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