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Our ethical diamond engagement rings are handmade in Yorkshire in a variety of styles using recycled diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and recycled precious metals. None of our engagement rings are cast or mass-produced. They are made-to-order and are as handmade as can be all the way from molten gold through to finished ring. One at a time. Our wire is drawn by hand in our workshop, our shanks rolled and then contoured by the cutting teeth of our favourite files and any sheet we need is made from scratch, by us. Each curve and feature you see is cut and shaped by hand using saw blades and burrs of all shapes and sizes.

If you can’t find your perfect eco-friendly diamond engagement ring then get in touch to discuss your own unique design ideas. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We can also make all our rings using moissanite, an exciting lab-grown alternative to diamonds with deep connections to space. All our precious stones are 100% conflict-free and ethically sourced.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Contact us to discuss your bespoke design.

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