Ethical Jewellery - Rose Gold Jewellery

Our handmade eco-friendly rose gold ethical jewellery is meticulously created from molten gold using only ethical metals and ancient hand working methods. All our pieces are made individually and toiled over with infinite patience in the most minute detail from start to finish.

Each element in our own carefully developed and unique rose gold alloy has its own special story. For example, the silver we use is either an eco-silver grain, a certified product created by recycling silver which is already in circulation e.g. old computer components. Alternatively, we love to work with silver which is found locally in a charity shop such as an old spoon, this is an example of the same materials which often end up in the eco-grain, but without the additional carbon footprint of refining.

Added to all our pieces is natural river gold gifted from our family collection. By doing this, we can often connect our pieces with places of meaning and importance to the people we work with; perhaps a walk you took in the wilds of Scotland, or a favourite childhood family trip to the north of Italy. We may have gold from an area of interest to you, so get in touch if you have ideas for provenance you would like to discuss.

Bespoke Jewellery

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