Bespoke Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a very important and personal piece of jewellery. An engagement ring represents a promise to the recipient of the ring to marry them.

Engagement rings need to stand the test of time as the wearer will wear the ring for the rest of their life. An engagement ring will often have a stone or jewel, more traditionally a diamond setting. A bespoke engagement ring means you choose the precious metal, the stone, everything, exactly as you like it.

Although engagement rings are steeped in tradition, designing your own bespoke engagement ring means that you get the perfect ring to make that promise, you could even design the ring together with your partner and create a truly unique engagement ring you’ll both love. If you think designing your engagement ring together would be special but still wish to propose with a ring in hand, then our proposal ring service is a great option.

With our bespoke engagement ring service, we work with you to bring your ideas to life and create a stunning engagement ring.

If you want an engagement ring that matches or complements your future wedding ring, or to include something meaningful to you in the design we can create a custom engagement ring personalised to your needs.

All of our bespoke engagement rings are handmade, ethical and created in the UK from recycled metals, precious stones such as diamonds or lab-grown diamonds and alluvial river gold. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable jewellery that doesn’t compromise the environment.

How we make your bespoke engagement rings

Vintage Diamond Ring
It may be the first time that you’ve commissioned something bespoke. We’re here to hold your hand through the process. There are different ways to design an engagement ring, we work in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

Consultation over the phone, video conference or during a visit of our workshop

1. Start with completing our bespoke engagement ring enquiry form

2. We start with a conversation about your ideas and design

3. Then we create a concept and sketches of your engagement ring

4. On agreement on the direction, we’ll finalise designs

5. Finally the ring is handmade in our workshop and delivered to you

Our bespoke engagement ring designs

Bespoke engagement ring testimonials

James, Canterbury, UK

Cannot recommend Jacqueline & Edward highly enough to anybody seeking high quality, well made, ethical jewellery. I approached them to commission a self-designed piece, and they were brilliant! Mark was incredibly knowledgeable in advising how the ring could be realistically made as close to my design as possible, and Richard did a fantastic job making

James, Canterbury, UK
Bespoke Recycled Platinum Engagement Ring

Dean, Fareham, UK

I can’t recommend Jacqueline and Edward anymore highly. Fantastic to work with, will work with you to ensure you end up with the exact ring you wanted. Very responsive and knowledgeable. I was a little concerned using a company I’d never heard of, but their morals aligned with mine and I’m so glad I did,

Dean, Fareham, UK

Raleigh, London, UK

I spent a long time looking for an ethical ring designer, comparing different artists and their ethos. I am so delighted that I settled on Jacqueline & Edward and could not be happier with the end result. Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with and was fantastic at navigating me through the process of

Raleigh, London, UK

Rhega, Essex, UK

I commissioned Mark to create my fiancee’s engagement ring, and it is absolutely perfect. I had an idea and Mark brought it to life. He went above and beyond throughout the entire process. For example, Mark offered flexibility when I was unable to make up my mind for the ring’s finish, and also ensured that

Rhega, Essex, UK

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