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Our Team

When Mark is not roaming the wilds prospecting for gold or silver, he is designing and creating wedding rings in the workshop. Combining his love for the little known world of gold panning with his passion for art and goldsmithing, the idea of Jacqueline & Edward was born. He’s extraordinarily passionate about Jacqueline & Edward and most of all he loves gold, some have said it’s bordering on an obsession…. Mark has stood in the final of the men’s professional class in the world gold panning championships, been part of the British team and won both the British and Scottish gold panning titles. Mark strongly believes in the sustainable acquisition of precious metals and is a trained Geologist and Goldsmith, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Scientist and is also chartered with the Institute of Water and Environmental Management. All the gold he uses to make a Jacqueline & Edward piece is both sustainable and eco-friendly, he would have it no other way.

Jacqueline is Mark’s wife. She went gold panning 10 years ago to pan some gold for their wedding rings. It was snowing sideways but she didn’t quit until there was gold at the bottom of her pan. From here she emerged as the driving force, the determination and the compassion behind Jacqueline & Edward. She has a keen eye for design and also manages finance, social media, and most importantly… brushes Ronnie ready for his next adventure.

Ronnie is Mark’s dog. He is the watcher and the fetcher, the path beater and the food gobbler. His days on the river are spent endlessly….and we mean endlessly chasing rocks and watching over the entire expedition with an intensity akin to a deranged and obsessive works foreman. His evenings are spent pulling sticks and leaves out of his undercoat, covering the tent and car in dog hair and getting the duvet and pillows soaking wet ready for bed. When he is not in the mountains, he is responsible for covering the floor of the workshop with his happy go lucky carcass, whilst sleeping in preparation for his next adventure. He is our mascot and we are his pack.

Our Rings

Jacqueline & Edward create ethical handmade wedding rings using eco-friendly gold enhanced with natural gold and silver gifted from the family collection.  This metal was sustainably panned from rivers across the UK over two generations of intrepid panning and it is our privilege to pass over a little of that magic within each ethical ring we make.  If there is a region of the UK which has meaning to you, then we may be able to incorporate gold or silver from that area into your wedding rings.

Each ring is hallmarked at Sheffield Assay office, presented in a wooden box hand carved by Jacqueline & Edward and is accompanied by a certificate of provenance.

Our Process

Our family has prospected gold in the UK for two generations.  Our process often began by reviewing desk based sources of information such as geological maps and local mining histories in our region of interest. Once a potential prospect was identified, then the adventure began. Big mountains, wild gorges, sprawling valleys and gold…… what moore do we need to say.

The rivers were explored using a traditional gold pan before the work began in earnest.  It was imperative that the river and its natural surrounding environment was respected and that is still paramount when I pan for gold recreationally today or take my Clients out on a gold panning adventure.

Sometimes clients are looking for a unique design for their rings. This provides us with the opportunity to design something unique.

When creation begins, both rings are forged from a single molten bead of gold, which makes a pair of wedding rings chemically inseparable. At this stage, the natural alluvial gold is added and the magic begins.

The rings are then worked by hand until they begin to take shape.

The finishing touches are added and the ring is then complete and ready to ship in one of our handmade reclaimed wooden boxes along with a certificate of provenance which includes photographs of the making of your ring.