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Our Mission


Jacqueline & Edward create ethical engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewellery. Our eco-friendly precious metals are all from recycled sources so as to ensure no further mining of the earths resources is needed to create our pieces. We believe there are enough materials in the world around us already, albeit we totally understand the local economic importance of artisanal mining.

We sell a growing range of handmade wedding rings and engagement rings because alongside our rings being ethical, we also believe each ring we create should be individually crafted, unique and follow the methods of age old traditions we hope will never be lost. We are not here to mass produce vast quantities of rings aimed towards the lowest common denominator, we are here to provide each Client with something magical, made personally just for them and done so in an environment of zero pressure and genuine care and attention.

To take the magic one step further, we enhance all of our pieces with natural river gold from around the UK and beyond to add provenance to our work. We also cater for those who wish to have e.g pure welsh gold wedding rings, or a pure Scottish gold Engagement rings or other pieces of jewellery made from pure Irish gold for example. We are proud to have been connecting people to places all around the world through the use of sustainably panned river gold for many years and we’re endlessly excited about how this makes a handmade ethical piece even more precious and rare.

We are avid supporters of charities such as Trees for Life who are seeking to rebuild the natural ecological systems of the Caledonian forest and have high aspirations for future environmental projects funded by Jacqueline & Edward around critical environmental issues such as clean water, energy and plastics. In short, we want to create beautiful, handmade, high quality, lasting jewellery which results in a net positive effect on the world around us so we can look back in years to come and feel we have made a change in the world we can feel proud of.

Our Rings

At Jacqueline & Edward, we create ethical handmade wedding rings, engagement rings and other jewellery using eco-friendly gold enhanced with natural gold and silver gifted from our stunning family collection. The metal we use was sustainably panned from rivers across the UK – and over two generations of intrepid panning.

It’s our privilege to transfer some of that magic to each ethical ring we make. If there’s a region of the UK you hold in your heart, let us know; we may be able to incorporate gold or silver from that area into your wedding rings. We also have gold from many parts of Europe amongst other more far flung place such as New Zealand, Canada and Japan.

Each ring is hallmarked at Edinburgh office and is presented in a hand crafted wooden box which is hand carved by the team here at Jacqueline & Edward. It’s accompanied by a certificate of provenance for all the assurance you need that ours are quality pieces which are made to last.

Our Process

Our family has prospected gold in the UK for two generations., with our process beginning by reviewing a host of desk-based sources of information, including geological maps and local mining histories in our region of interest.

Only once a potential prospect is identified would the adventure begin. Towering mountains, wild gorges, sprawling valleys and gold…we live the dream, day in, day out.

gold rush

An Adventure in Gold Panning

Exploring the rivers using a traditional gold pan, we begin the work in earnest.

It’s always been imperative that the river and its natural surrounding environment is respected – and we make sure this is still the case when we take our clients on their own gold panning adventure.

Designing Something Truly Unique

Often, our clients want a truly unique pair of wedding rings, which gives us the opportunity to put our creativity to even better use.

During handcrafting, the wedding bands are forged from a single molten bead of gold, which ensures the rings are chemically inseparable. At this stage, the natural alluvial gold is added, and the magic begins.
Meticulously worked by hand, your rings begin to take their shape, with the finer details being incorporated later.

Now, the best bit…… your chosen rings are ready to be delivered in one of our handmade reclaimed wooden boxes, a beautiful keepsake to treasure.

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18ct Gold Wood Inlay Ring
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