Inlay Wedding Rings

We love to hear the many stories behind the inlays requested for our handmade inlay wedding rings.  Our first inlay was made from foraged deer antler found by a game-keeper that he wanted to include in his wedding ring.  Since then, we’ve created inlay rings using countless materials, many of which are provided by our Clients because they signify a special memory, a favourite item, or a place they hold close to their heart.  These have included basalt picked up from the edge of a volcano during a romantic walk, fabric from a piece of clothing worn on a first date and a Lego block – the possibilities are endless. Of course, we can also supply any material if you just like the design of inlay rings.

Our inlay wedding rings are truly unique as well as being sustainably handmade-to-order from ethically sourced materials. We only use recycled precious metals and you can choose from 18ct and 14ct gold (yellow, white or rose) as well as 950 platinum. Each wedding ring we make also includes a small piece of river gold which has been hand panned by Mark our founder and which we gift you. You can choose where your river gold from giving your ring even more sentimental value – we have a collection of river gold from around the world.    

If you have something specific you’d like as your inlay, just get in touch with us, or, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us about a bespoke commission.

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