Ethical Jewellery

Our ever-growing collection of ethical handmade jewellery is made using age-old techniques. The definition of “handmade” varies depending on who you speak to, but we believe at Jacqueline & Edward that handmade starts as molten metal rolling around the bottom of a crucible and finishes with the perfect gift after hours of hammering, rolling, annealing, filing and polishing.

We love to create luxury bespoke jewellery from our own alloys or to use gold provided by our clients. So long as the gold is ethical, we are open to enriching the story of its creation in any way we can. You can either choose an ethical jewellery gift from our collection or work with us to create something bespoke. Contact us if you wish to work together on a new design, whether it is an intricately imagined piece you wish to bring to life, or a concept you wish to explore.

Bespoke Jewellery

Contact us to discuss your bespoke design.

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