Engagement Rings - Traditional Engagement Rings

Our environmentally friendly traditional engagement rings are defined by sophistication and simplicity. When you think ‘engagement ring’, these are the kinds of styles which spring to mind and offer that timeless classic look. All elements of the rings can be changed from the shape and size of the diamond, the profile and width of the shank to the style of setting. Please get in touch with any ideas you might have.

Each engagement ring is individually handcrafted in our Yorkshire workshop. We have chosen to create our rings by using a selection of often ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation of bench jeweller. It starts in the crucible, rolling around swiftly as a molten bead of gold before being poured into an open channel in delft clay or washed up cuttlefish bone. The ring takes much longer to create, but the end result is a one of a kind handmade piece similar to, but not the same, as any other.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Contact us to discuss your bespoke design.

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