Ethical Jewellery - Eternity Rings

We have a growing collection of sustainably made-to-order eternity rings which can be handmade in recycled 18ct gold, rose gold or white gold as well as recycled 950 platinum. You can choose to have your eternity ring set with either recycled diamonds, lab-grown diamonds or the more affordable diamond alternative, moissanite. All our materials are ethically and carefully sourced. We also include a small piece of hand panned river gold in every ring we create, from a location of sentimental value to you. We have a large collection of river gold from around the world, which has been panned by Mark, our founder, and which we gift to you.

All our eternity rings can be modified to suit your personal style, or you can create a bespoke eternity ring with us which we can design with you based on your ideas or any mood boards you have saved. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. We can work to any budget and we don’t charge for our bespoke service so it’s more affordable than you might think.

Eternity rings symbolise eternal love and the circle of life, which is why they are traditionally given to a partner after the birth of a child. They are also given to mark a significant milestone in a relationship, so even if you’re not married, an eternity ring can be an expression of your commitment to each other.

Bespoke Jewellery

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