The best things in life are the people you love,
the places you go and the memories you make.

Join us on a unique adventure in the stunning wilderness of Scotland – either alone, with your partner, or as part of a larger group.

Here, you’ll learn the skills necessary to pan for some of the gold which will form part of your ethical wedding ring. This tailored experience is ideal for those who love the outdoors and want to be a part of a process which ends with a beautiful ring on your finger.

Contact us to learn more; we can’t wait to meet you…

Luke, London

“We were looking for an alternative/more sustainable way of having our gold wedding bands made when we stumbled across Mark’s jewellery company Jacqueline & Edward online. Mark works with panned gold which really excited us, being Londoners, we had no idea you could find gold in rivers and immediately started to plan a gold hunting trip!

Mark was amazing and very well organised, and it wasn’t long until we met him at a secret location up in Scotland. He brought all the equipment, kindly lent us a pair of waders and even brought some lunch which we ate in a beautiful location by the bank of a river. We spent the day panning the river and Mark taught us how to pan for gold in the wild, as well as how to read the lay of the land. He was incredibly knowledgeable not just about how to find gold, but the science and geology behind it. Incredibly we ended up finding quite a few flakes of gold that day, which was very exciting, we then celebrated that evening with a pint in the local!

We discussed a unique ring design with Mark and the gold flakes we found were used in the final design. For us, this was a really special touch, because when we look at the rings, they don’t just have a story behind them, but they also include the gold we panned! Before the final rings were sent to us, we visited Mark at his workshop for the final touches and fitting, we had a cup of tea, a chat and the rest is history!

Throughout the whole process Mark was so friendly, helpful and professional, his creativity and knowledge were very inspiring. We would totally recommend this to anyone who is looking for quality customised jewellery which has a personal touch and who doesn’t want to go to a generic high street shop for something factory made.”

David and Liz, Cheltenham:

“Mark is as passionate about his clients wishes as he is about the rings he makes. We needed wedding rings and wanted them to be unique. Having seen his work here and contacting him, I was left safe in the knowledge that unique at least was something I didn’t have to worry about. Mark drove from Wetherby and we from the South West all the way North. We met Mark at the family home in Scotland where I grew up and an area my wife to be had fallen in love with. The burn that runs down from the Glenn was supposed to have gold in it and this is where we panned with him. Not raising our expectations, it turned out the burn was plentiful! I was to marry an American and move a long way from home. It is a personal delight to know that a small piece of home is in our rings.

A wedding day is a day full of memories and whilst the rings are of course a part of that, working with Mark, panning on a cold dreich, snowy day in the Highlands, earning a little of our rings, is an extra memory that will be with us for a long time. Something you can’t put a price on. The actual rings were everything we had hoped for, much admired and of course the story of this has charmed so many of my new wife’s friends and family. Thank you, Mark for so much more than just rings of gold. If you need a ring, we have not a moment’s hesitation in recommending”. him…and his dog!”

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