The Proposal Ring

At Jacqueline & Edward, we understand that you might want to propose, but like a mountain of other people in your position (including me once upon a time), you have no idea which ring to buy, what style your partner would like or even whether you want a bespoke engagement ring. You simply know you are in love and you want to make a permanent commitment to the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. We get it. Enter, our proposal ring service.

The ring is sleek and elegant, gives the wow factor of the proposal moment, but leaves the final design of your forever ring to a later date, when you can both be involved in the process. We’ve chosen a classic solitaire ring because we agree with countless others that they are a timeless classic.

So, we will send you your proposal ring with a 0.50ct equivalent cubic zirconia centre stone and following your proposal you send the ring back to us. We will then deduct the total cost of the proposal ring (£200) from the cost of any engagement you choose from Jaqueline & Edward. Unlike placeholder rings, our proposal ring enters a circular economy and will be used again and again as a sustainable substitute stand-in ring.

Why purchase a placeholder proposal ring? 

  • Saves time (and money)

Buying a forever engagement ring on your own is a daunting task and takes time – what’s their ring size, what style do they love, what gemstone would they prefer? There’s a lot to consider as well as the financial investment. So you obviously don’t want to get it wrong. The proposal ring allows you to make that special commitment and then choose your forever engagement ring together. You can even get the right ring size first time too, no guessing required.

  • Takes away the pressure

There are so many different designs, styles and settings to choose from when choosing an engagement ring. And so much pressure to find the perfect ring. The proposal ring eliminates that pressure as you get to choose that perfect ring together while still making that surprise proposal special.   

  • A sustainable alternative to a placeholder ring

If you were considering a placeholder ring which is bought as a temporary engagement ring and which has no use once you’ve found your forever ring, the proposal ring is a sustainable alternative. It will be used again and again by Jacqueline & Edward in the future, leading to a materially conscious choice and a ring endowed with an endless river of stories.

Because at the heart of Jacqueline & Edward are ethics and design, we offer a complimentary design service to anyone who buys a proposal ring and then feels the best option for them is to have a unique ring designed. Whilst there are a number of designs available on the Jacqueline & Edward website, we recognise that the selection is in its infancy and we would love to help you create anything your mind can conjure up whether that be a simple classic solitaire or something more complex.  Another idea would be to join us on one of our panning experiences following the proposal and then have the gold you find added into your very own handmade ethical engagement ring to a design of your choosing.

Hand Crafted Gold Twist Diamond Engagement Ring
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