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Remote Ring Sizing Service

How do you pick which ring size to buy? The right ring size for you is dependent on the ring’s width and profile (e.g. D, Court, comfort or Flat).

We go beyond posting out a standard ring sizing set. We take this one step further once we know your approximate size by creating a selection of prototype rings which have the same width and profile of the ring you wish to buy.

From the comfort of your own home you can move through the entire process.

Bespoke Contoured Wedding Ring Service

There is no need to settle for the generic curves of mass produced rings, or best guess curves from photographs, drawings or descriptions. We are now offering a bespoke wedding ring contouring service to ensure the best possible fit between your engagement ring and your contoured hand made wedding ring.

Whether you want a snug fit against an unusually shaped engagement ring, a delicate curve around your solitaire ring or a perfect curve against a cabochon set diamond ring, our contouring service will do the trick and we can make any shape or style or wedding ring to fit against any shape or style of engagement ring simply by you pressing your engagement ring into our ring moulding kit and posting it back to us.

Handmade diamond wedding ring

Workshop Tour

We’d love to see you in person and you are always welcome to visit our home workshop. If this is not possible, whether it be due to distance or the impacts of covid-19 you can come and visit us virtually.

During your virtual visit via video calling, we’ll show you around the workshop, teach you about the ring making process and natural gold in the UK whilst taking on board your design ideas and aspirations for your wedding rings.

It is tried, tested, works and makes for a fun, commitment free adventure into the artisan world of ring making and gold prospecting.

Ring Resizing Service

There are different reasons why you may want your ring re-sized. You may have bought the ring as an engagement ring and not been able to find our your partners ring without them finding out, perhaps your fingers have changed shape over the years, or perhaps you were sized for a wedding ring using a poor technique or the wrong equipment. These things happen.

Ring re-sizing with Jacqueline & Edward is free if you have used our remote ring sizing service.

If you have not used our ring sizing service and you are looking to have your wedding ring or engagement ring re-sized, then our standard charge is £40.00 for all wedding band resizes up or down to a maximum of 2 full sizes including postage and packaging. If the ring needs to be increased or decreased more than 2 ring sizes, then more work and potentially materials maybe required and the cost may change. Rings which may require additional work for resizing which can affect cost include, amongst other things; inlay rings, engagement rings and eternity rings. The cost of re-sizing these rings will be dependant on the extent of re-sizing required, whether they need to be sized up or down and the complexity of the ring’s design and as such will require you to get in touch.

Jacqueline & Edward only re-size rings created by us.

Ring Refinishing Service

Over time, all rings will pick up the dinks and scratches of life because precious metals such as 18ct gold and platinum are malleable metals which are softer than many things they will naturally come into contact with over time. Burnishing is another common by-product of everyday life as your ring is intermittently dragged over flat hard objects which smooth the surface of the metal and can remove the textures originally added to create your unique ring.

There are some occasions you may wish to have your ring restored to its original condition, whether that be to restore the high polish of a Devon band, or the rustic surface texture of the Cavanacaw ring. Perhaps as a Christmas gift, a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary or a big night out, or maybe you just want to give the ring a birthday. Whatever the occasion, Jacqueline & Edward are pleased to offer a service which brings your ring back to new by re-polishing the inside of the ring and it’s sides as well as restoring the outer finish. The refinishing service also includes cleaning of any stones which are in the ring, which over time can become dull due to the build up of dirt and grime. Once done, it will be good as new.

This service is not intended for lost / broken gemstones, snapped claws or extensive damage and is instead intended as a surfacing refinish only to restore normal wear and tear. For any more extensive restoration work please Contact Us for a bespoke quote.

Ring Remodelling Service

Perhaps you think that your ring is perfect as it is and you cherish the little knocks and bumps of life as part of it’s story. If so, that’s great! For others, bringing the ring back to it’s “as made” finish using our ring refinishing service might be an ideal alternative to remodelling your ring.

However, for some, the pursuit of perfection or an appreciation of a more transient state of a rings form or arrangement is the preferred course of action and it is time to invest some time, love and money into one of your prized possessions. In this instance, our ring remodelling service is likely to be the best plan.

There are a number of occasions you may wish to have your ring revamped, remade or remodelled. It maybe a birthday treat, or to celebrate a relationship milestone, or it maybe an heirloom pass down the generations which you wish to keep the meaning of by reusing the metal and gemstones but change the design completely.

This service is intended to be bespoke to the ideas and budget of each of our Clients. Your refurbishment project might comprise adding a few small accent stones to the gallery of an ethical engagement ring setting or to compliment some existing flush set diamonds already present in your wedding band. Perhaps it will involve incorporating some small lab grown diamonds into the shoulders of your engagement ring or upgrading the diamond to a higher quality and / or ct. Perhaps it will involve wrapping a new design around your existing ring design to compliment what is already there, or even removing the gemstones of your piece completely and creating something totally new and special. Your imagination is the limit, or if you prefer, we can help you work with your thoughts and ideas to find something right for you.

Gold and Diamond Buying Service

Materials such as gold and natural diamonds are finite in the world around us. These resources often become more and more expensive and detrimental to the world around us to mine as their locations become more remote, deeper within the earths crust and create larger and larger scars on the landscape. There is sufficient resources already in circulation in the world around us and at Jacqueline & Edward we believe we can all make a choice between furthering the abstraction of natural resources or embracing the re-use of existing one’s.

We all have jewellery in our drawer which has been there for years. Some of it is broken and never been repaired, some of it has just fallen out of favour. At Jacqueline & Edward we offer to buy unwanted scrap gold and diamonds so that we can re-purpose these resources into jewellery for other people. Within this process we are also happy to buy some gold coins and ingots which perhaps have been in the family for years and you are looking to get a return on your investment. All these sources of gold are the same sources of gold which are refined and melted into commercially available eco-gold products for sale on the market, but when used by us, are done to without the additional carbon footprint of refining.

There is satisfaction to be gained from knowing your gold jewellery can find a new home and help to reduce the environmental impact of mining. Melting down and reusing old jewellery is a sustainable way of repurposing precious metals which are already in the world around us.

In the same way, by selling your unwanted diamonds to Jacqueline & Edward, they can find a new home in an ethical handmade engagement ring or wedding ring and be cherished anew by someone else.

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