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Bespoke Contoured Wedding Ring Service

There is no need to settle for the generic curves of mass produced rings, or best guess curves from photographs, drawings or descriptions. We are now offering a bespoke wedding ring contouring service to ensure the best possible fit between your engagement ring and your contoured hand made wedding ring.

Whether you want a snug fit against an unusually shaped engagement ring, a delicate curve around your solitaire ring or a perfect curve against a cabochon set diamond ring, our contouring service will do the trick and we can make any shape or style or wedding ring to fit against any shape or style of engagement ring simply by you pressing your engagement ring into our ring moulding kit and posting it back to us.

Remote Ring Sizing Service

How do you pick which ring size to buy? The right ring size for you is dependent on the ring’s width and profile (e.g. D, Court, comfort or Flat).

We go beyond posting out a standard ring sizing set. We take this one step further once we know your approximate size by creating a selection of prototype rings which have the same width and profile of the ring you wish to buy.

From the comfort of your own home you can move through the entire process, with the cost of this service deducted from any rings you buy.

Virtual Workshop Tour

We’d love to see you in person and you are always welcome to visit our home workshop. If this is not possible, whether it be due to distance or the impacts of covid-19 you can come and visit us virtually.

During your virtual visit via video calling, we’ll show you around the workshop, teach you about the ring making process and natural gold in the UK whilst taking on board your design ideas and aspirations for your wedding rings.

It is tried, tested, works and makes for a fun, commitment free adventure into the artisan world of ring making and gold prospecting.

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