Wedding Ring Dimensions

How to choose your wedding ringThere are two dimensions of importance when choosing your wedding ring. These are width and depth, as well as, of course, your ring size (if you need help finding your ring size take a look at our Ring Sizing Service). 

Here is a quick guide of what to look out for when you are choosing your wedding rings…

WIDTH:  How do you choose the width of your wedding ring?  What is the typical size for a mens wedding ring? What is the typical width of a woman’s wedding ring?  These are the usual questions we are asked.  

In our experience, over 85% of men choose 4mm or 5mm wide wedding bands, about 10% choose 3mm or 6mm and then there are the occasional rings made which are greater than 6mm.  Normally wider wedding rings look more proportionate on larger hands or longer fingers.

Also, we find that about 85% of ladies choose narrow wedding rings, usually between 1.5mm and 2.5mm wide, with the most common width being 2mm in our experience.  A 2mm wedding ring sits nicely with most engagement rings which most of the time have a band width of 2mm or just below.  We often get asked whether you should choose a wider, similar or narrower wedding band to the engagement ring but this generally comes down to personal taste and what you think is aesthetically pleasing, albeit most of our ladies choose a wedding ring the same as or greater in width than the engagement ring band width. 

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DEPTH:   We make our handmade wedding rings in two standard depths; classic and heavy.  The depth of classic and heavy changes depending on the width of the ring chosen and the chart above shows the different depths relating to the two options across all the widths of wedding rings we supply.  We are often asked whether a Client should choose heavy or classic and the answer is reasonably straightforward.  

  1. Classic Depth is chosen by approximately 90 % of all our customers with the exception of those who choose heavy depth or those who choose a bespoke depth based on the existing depth of their engagement ring so the two rings match.  Our classic depth still has plenty of weight and is considered a heavy weight ring by some jewellers.  They tend to feel less noticeable between the fingers and are great for everyday wear.
  2. Heavy depth rings are the perfect choice for those who like heavier weight jewellery or are very physical and are therefore more likely to expose their ring to repeated bumps and scrapes. Heavy depth rings are more expensive than the classic depth rings, simply because we need more gold or platinum to create them.

Mark, the founder of Jacqueline & Edward wears a court ring profile because it is practical and comfortable which is 4mm wide and heavy depth.   The heavy depth ensures that the countless hours spent panning in the river moving boulders and panning for gold does not detrimentally affect it even after 13 years and counting.

For more information on profiles, metals and finishes read our How To Choose A Wedding Ring buyers guide.

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