Stunning Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings

Stunning ethical diamond engagement rings

Here at Jacqueline and Edward, we pride ourselves on only using ethically sourced and recycled materials to create our bespoke engagement rings and wedding rings. With this in mind, we are very excited to introduce you to our ever-growing collection of handmade ethical diamond engagement rings. Every ring has been designed and hand crafted with the intention of being as eco-friendly as possible and by choosing us you can be sure that you have made the most ethical choice to start off planning your big day.

Always ethical…

More and more often, people are starting to question where the products they buy come from, and how the materials are sourced – and rightly so. When it comes to the materials that we use to create our beautiful engagement rings, we know how important it is that they are high quality but ethically sourced, with a minimal environmental impact. We are passionate about using recycled materials wherever possible; there are plenty of materials already out there without needing to mine for more, and we know exactly where to find them.

Every piece in our collection of ethical diamond engagement rings is available in 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold, 18ct white gold or platinum – the choice is yours. There is also an extensive selection of shapes and finishes. We have started the range in the confidence that there will be something to please a range of styles and budgets. However, if you are struggling to find what is right for you then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to chat more about what it is that you are looking for, and together turn your ideas into a reality. We create entirely new rings every week and we’d love you to be a part of that.

At Jacqueline & Edward, we use recycled gold alloys and natural alluvial gold sustainably panned from rivers by Mark across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and beyond. For those who have never heard of gold panning, this blog post is a great place to start learning about it. By knowing exactly where the materials used have come from, you can be sure that your ring is as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible. Perhaps there is a region in the UK that is of particular significance to you, we may already have gold from that area in our family collection which we can gift into the ring for you. Gold turns up in the strangest of places, Preston for example, or even right here in West Yorkshire. As the old timers used to say, “gold is where you find it”.

Like with all our products, we also offer a personalised engraving service with any order to make it that little bit more special.

Types of diamond…

Currently, two types of diamonds are used in our engagement rings – recycled and lab-grown diamonds. We have found a trusted partner in the acquisition of recycled diamonds, enabling us to use and promote these alongside lab-grown diamonds as our preferred ethical choice. If you are interested in learning more about the ethically sourced diamonds we use in our jewellery, where they come from and the comparison of the ethics behind them, you can read this post written by Mark which takes a closer look at all things diamonds. From this post, it’s important to highlight that there are different levels of the ethics associated with diamonds, ranging from blood – which we never have and never will use – up to Canadian diamonds which are conflict-free and get our seal of approval. As an ethical business we have made the decision to avoid mining in the same way we only use recycled materials to create our rings. We believe that ethics is a personal choice. Through these posts we aim to simply provide you with a guide, giving you the freedom to decide if your ethics align with those of our business.


Rest assured, we have taken the time to carefully consider the origin of each. As with everything, if a material is not ethically sourced, we won’t use it. We believe in not only using materials that are the kindest and the least damaging to the environment, but also to the people working with them. This is why at Jacqueline and Edward we choose to promote ethical materials having taken into account the social, economic and environmental implications of each. In the future, we are looking into the prospect of incorporating diamonds from vetted, specific artisanal mining communities however for now we’ve developed a supply chain which allows us to express our ethical choice in the world. You can shop in confidence that you are supporting eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

A new lease of life…

Is there an old piece of diamond jewellery in your family that has been sat gathering dust but is ready to be refreshed into something new? We love to work with clients who want to create ‘new from old’. Whether you are looking for advice and ideas, or can see a vision of the end result, together with Mark you can create the perfect design. This perfectly aligns with our ethos of using the materials we already have, and can incorporate more meaning into your ring, to create a sentimental piece that can be treasured forever.

Receiving your ring….

If you are looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring made from only sustainably sourced materials, look no further. All of our rings are handmade by Mark in our Yorkshire-based workshop and hallmarked at the Sheffield Assay Office. We’d love to you to visit our workshop however due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we appreciate that this isn’t possible in person right now. Instead we are able welcome you virtually, give you a tour and talk you through the ring making process, in which traditional techniques are used to craft your ring. Find out more about virtual workshop tours and the other services we offer here.

Once your ring has been designed and created, it will arrive in a unique hand-crafted box made by Jacqueline & Edward from fallen wood collected from local forests along with a certificate of provenance showing the origins of the materials used in your ring. We regularly ship worldwide, so wherever you are in the world we would love to hear from you!

The average timescale from initial contact with us to receiving the finished creation usually ranges from four to six weeks, although if you have a specific proposal date in mind that is sooner, that is not a problem. Just let us know and we are able to offer a fast track service (where possible) so that your perfect proposal can take place on your chosen date.

Giving back….

As you will have already gathered, we are passionate about protecting the world we live in. We believe this is such an important part of Jacqueline & Edward, and the reason why so many clients choose us for their ethical engagement rings and ethical wedding rings. And what better way to give back to nature than to play our part in supporting the replanting of the native Caledonian forest in Scotland? Our partnership with Trees for Life allows us, for every purchase made, to plant a tree within our own grove. This tree can even be dedicated to the person of your choice. The award-winning conservation charity has already planted upwards of 1,500,000 trees and is only 25 years into a 200-year vision to expand the forest, providing space for wildlife and helping communities to thrive. If you would like to learn more about our partnership, and the amazing work Trees for Life does, we would recommend a visit to this blog post.

To show our support for all of our frontline workers at this time, we are also donating £50 from each diamond ring sold to the NHS.

Happy customers….

Please do take a few moments to visit our testimonials page to read the words of thanks from just several of our satisfied clients, both in the UK and further afield.

Are you interested in finding out more about our range of ethical diamond engagement rings (the full range can be viewed here), or do you have a question that hasn’t already been answered in this post? We are always happy to offer free expert advice or guidance, however large or small your query is – just get in touch at Alternatively, you are very welcome to give us a call on 07792 171847. If you can’t quite see the style you had in mind, we encourage you to share your design and creation ideas with us. We believe the process of creating the perfect engagement ring should be collaborative between the client and ourselves. After all, it is a meaningful piece of jewellery that will be worn for life.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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