Whether you’re a long-time reader of our blog or you’ve just stumbled by our site accidentally, we’re pretty sure you’re just as passionate as we are about all things eco.

The team here at Jacqueline and Edward cares deeply about preserving the beautiful world we live in – and because giving back is important to us, too, we’ve teamed up with Trees for Life. Our partnership coincides with a piece on the BBC site, which states that The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recommends that 30,000 hectares of woodland should be planted annually – more than double the new trees planted last year.

According to the article, the government said it planned to ‘rapidly grow forest cover’, having signed up to CCC’s goal of the UK of cutting all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Thankfully, Trees for Life is more than doing its bit, thanks its mission to replant the native Caledonian forest in Scotland. We wanted to stop by on our blog to shout about this new partnership, which will go some way to help the charity continue to grow a wild nature forest across the Highlands.

A 200-year Venture

Providing space for wildlife to survive, the initiative also helps communities thrive – and we bet you’re as keen to learn more about the charity as we were.

A 200-year venture, it’s been in existence for 25 years. It made sense to us to help lend a hand to such a vital charity, so we made the agreement that for every ring or pair of rings our customers buy, we’ll plant a tree within our very own grove. The tree can even be named after you and your partner, so if you’re planning a natural wedding, this will surely be the perfect complement to it.

Complementing Our Ethos

Of course, the charity completely complements our own ethos as well – and we’ll be using some of the area’s fallen branches to continue making our environmentally friendly wooden ring boxes for our handmade wedding rings.

The multi-award-winning conservation charity works with over 5,000 volunteers to rescue the Caledonian Forest and the wildlife that calls it home – and from small beginnings, Trees for Life has planted more than 1,500,000 trees. Its long-term vision? To save the forest, which is a habitat of global importance.

A Look at Trees for Life’s Vital Work

Working to support our environment in three ways, Trees for Life saves the wild forest by nurturing seedlings, planting native trees, and encouraging natural regeneration. Secondly, it gives a helping hand to wildlife; it does this by reintroducing missing species, such as red squirrel, to the wild forest. Lastly, it inspires people of all ages and abilities to get involved in rewilding to improve their wellbeing and develop a new skill. What’s not to love?!

Our special, corporate grove will help Trees for Life continue to do what they do. Planted in Glen Affric, the trees will be nurtured in what is believed to be Scotland’s most beautiful glen. With towering peaks and dramatic lochs, the trees will be planted in an area called ‘Am Meallan’, meaning Little Hill in Scots Gaelic.
We’re thrilled to be part of such an inspiring initiative, and we can’t wait to get started by paying our first visit to the grove next month. Our co-founder, Mark, says: “I love the concept that for every ring we make Nature gives us a box and we give back a tree.”

Keen to hear more about our Trees for Life partnership? Head to our site or get in touch with our team here.

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