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How To Find Your Perfect Ring Size

Accurate Home Ring Sizing Service

Jacqueline & Edward have now refined our process for finding your ring size accurately from the comfort of your own home and we are now proud to offer this solution to our potential Clients as well as our new virtual workshop visit and ring consultation service. The world maybe coming to a standstill of late and shop fronts shutting left, right and centre which is truly sad, but it is business as usual for Jacqueline & Edward in our home workshop. Well, not quite business as usual because we want to help our Clients manage these changing times and the impact of social distancing. For every problem, I am a firm believer that with enough effort and thought, there is a solution.

How do you accurately measure your ring size from home?

At Jacqueline & Edward we believe that visiting a high street jeweller is not the best way to find the right ring size for your intended wedding ring. There is a better way. This is because your ring size is determined by a number of factors which are not well represented by the limited array of Jewellers ‘loops’ held by your friendly high street jeweller and the limited amount of time you have in the shop.

Jacqueline & Edward have developed a totally accurate way of finding out your perfect ring size from cradle to grave from the comfort of your own home. This is summarised below and then explained in detail afterwards for the geeks like me who want to delve a little deeper into the science behind ring sizing.

If you want find your perfect ring size with confidence, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase our Bespoke Ring Sizing Service which we will ship out to you pronto;
  2. Receive our starter loop ring sizing sets (narrow and wide) and instruction sheet;
  3. Post back the ring sizing loops in our self–addressed envelopes and let us know your closest size and intended wedding ring width and profile;
  4. We’ll post you 3 prototype rings – the “best guess size” which you have determined using the narrow or wide ring sizers using our Jacqueline & Edward instruction sheet, as well as a half size up and a half size down. Let us know the perfect fit after you have worn the ring/s for a day, or should you require further adjustments, just let us know.
  5. The process takes approximately 7 days in total and will not interrupt the usual handmade delivery timescales. What it will do is guarantee you have the perfect hand–made rings, first time. This is even more important when timescales are tight or the type of ring you buy does not resize easily, or at all (e.g. inlay rings or full eternity rings). We will also refund the cost of the bespoke ring sizing service if you buy your rings with us, so at least for now this service is free to people who choose to work with us. If you don’t, worry not, just have an amazing wedding day, we’re glad to have helped in any way to making your big day special.

Job done. Time for me to create your rings with the confidence they will be perfect, first time.

I’ve included below a bit more of the detail which underpins why our ring sizing service is better than walking into any high street shop and why buying from an online supplier does not have to come with risks associated with getting the ring size right, which is one of the most significant concerns all my Clients convey. The biggest question I have as a maker, is why has no-one launched an initiative like this before now? We are proud to be the first I have heard of doing this within the handmade market.

What determines your ring size?

So, what factors determine your ring size? To answer this question, I’ve decided to draw on years of experience working as a maker directly with the Clients who end up wearing my rings. It’s definitely not as simple trying on a couple of jeweller’s loops.

Anyway, I digress, so here we go:

  1. Temperature. During warmer weather, many people’s fingers swell. Your ring size one day can be different to your ring size another. Have a think about whether this applies to you and if it is a cold day, note your fingers may swell and vice versa. Ideally you have a ring sizer which can be worn for a couple of days inside and out to understand what fits. That is not possible on the high street, but it is possible with our new ring sizing service.
  2. Ring Width. The wider the ring you intend to buy, the larger the size you will need. This means that if you measure your ring size with a 2mm wide jewellers’ loop, but then buy a 7mm wide ring, it is very unlikely to fit. Wider rings have a larger contact area with your skin resulting in more friction and I have observed Clients move over 4 ring sizes as they try on rings of different widths whilst spending time in the workshop. High street Jeweller’s loops come in only a couple of widths, but we produce ring prototypes across all ring widths.
  3. Ring profile. Flat and court profiles fit different. This is more pronounced the wider the ring is. Wide, flat profile rings need to be larger than wide court profiles to fit the same finger. If the ring is not wide e.g. 2mm, then there will be very little difference between flat and court profiles.
  4. Finger shape. The importance of finger shape extends across all of the above. Finger sizes driven heavily by the diameter of the knuckle as opposed to the section of the finger behind the knuckle tend to mean that temperature, ring width and ring profile have less influence and you are in fact best trying to get as tight a ring as possible, so as to prevent “hang” on the ring finger when the ring is in place. If your ring size is determined by the fleshy part of your finger behind the knuckle, you are much more likely to be affected by the aforementioned factors.
  5. Other factors: Long haul travel, exercise and a number of health conditions can also affect your rings size, however these will not be covered in detail except to say that all these factors further exemplify how easy it is to get your ring size wrong for that important day by just dropping into your local jeweller.

It is now easy to see that one size does not fit all so to speak and ring sizing is actually a much more complicated science than it seems at first sight. Certainly, using cut out paper ring sizing tools, string around your finger or small plastic belt like devices which strap around your finger are terribly inaccurate ways to try and measure your ring size. However, it is easy to get your ring sized accurately first time using our ring sizing service which has proven in my experience to be more accurate than dropping into 2 high street jewellers.

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