It’s National Tree Week: Here’s How You Can Get Involved…

This week (November 23 to December 1) is National Tree Week – and you can bet we’re on board with the initiative here at Jacqueline & Edward. If you’re a regular visitor to our blog, you’ll know exactly why it’s an event that resonates with us: we recently partnered with Trees for Life, with our goal to help better preserve the world we live in.

Giving back is vital to our small team – and the partnership ensures we can do just that. The charity is on a mission to replant the native Caledonian forest in Scotland – and our corporate grove means we can get involved, too. Planting a tree each time we sell a wedding ring, we’re keen to keep doing our bit and utilise the grove where possible.

As it’s National Tree Week, we thought we’d let you know a little more about the initiative and how you can show your support as well.

What is National Tree week, then? It’s the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, which marks the start of the winter tree planting season. During the week, people up and down the country will be planting trees, laying down roots for a more tree-filled future. Led by the National Tree Champion, Sir William Worsley, the initiative tackles climate change to protect the natural habitats of our wildlife.

Cutting Greenhouse Gases

The BBC suggests that trees could solve Wales’ and the UK’s CO2 problem – just head to the site to watch an informative video on the subject.

With politicians talking about planting more trees and experts saying they are crucial in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the article states that more trees could help the UK and Welsh Governments meet targets. These include cutting greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050.

So, how can you get involved too? There are lots of ways. If you’re thinking of treating someone special to a piece of jewellery from our site – or if you’re in the process of looking for your wedding rings – you’ll be pleased to discover that the boxes our pieces come in are made from fallen branches from trees our founder, Mark, finds up and down the UK.

Now we’ve partnered with Trees for Life, we plan to use fallen branches from the Caledonian Forest, thanks to our upcoming visits to our grove.

A Tree for a Tree

To further support our Trees for Life partnership, we’ve also created a gorgeous tree pendant – just in time for the festive season. It’s created from ethically sourced precious metals and you can choose from either a solid yellow gold, rose gold or white gold finish. For every piece you buy, you’ll be supporting the Tree for a Tree initiative, with a tree being planted in the Caledonian Forest as a result.

In 2018 alone, the initiative enjoyed a record-breaking year. The total number of trees planted by the charity itself reached 116,896, with 44,781 of that number being planted by volunteers. That’s 170 new acres of forest!

The charity is currently experiencing a significant period of growth, with collaborations with more owners of the UK’s woodlands on the cards. Furthermore, the Caledonian Forest’s highly regarded tree nursery at Dundreggan is continuing to grow 94,000 trees each year. This helps the charity add to rainforest restoration in Scotland.

Be a Tree Angel

You can also take part in several tree-themed initiatives aside from Trees for Life, as detailed here on the Tree Council site. They include the ‘Be a Tree Angel’ campaign in partnership with the Daily Mail. Giving readers of the newspaper the opportunity to claim a free tree to plant in their garden, those who support the initiative can also donate to local tree planting projects around the country.

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