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Bespoke Curved Wedding Rings

Jacqueline & Edward are now offering a bespoke wedding ring contouring service to ensure the best possible fit between your engagement ring and your contoured hand made wedding ring.  Whether you want a snug fit against an unusually shaped engagement ring, a delicate curve around your solitaire ring or a perfect curve against a cabochon set diamond ring, our contouring service will do the trick and we can make any shape or style or wedding ring to fit against any shape or style of engagement ring.

I started this service because of a growing awareness that Clients who were buying curved wedding rings were not satisfied with the standard curves available on the high street because they did not fit the shape of their own engagement ring.  You do not have to settle for a poorly fitting wedding band because we make all our rings from scratch in our humble family workshop, right back to the first pour from the crucible and we hand make the ring to your exact specification.  We are not reliant, nor believe in buying pre-made rings from other suppliers and re-selling them on our site.  Each ethical wedding ring is unique and made to order.

How do you get the perfect curved wedding ring?

Firstly you need to think about style, because a number of styles of curve can be used for exactly the same engagement ring.  Style is a personal choice and we advise to go with your gut and your own instincts and taste.  Trends will come and go, but you will wear your wedding ring for life.  We’re a big believer in you being true to yourself when it comes to picking the right ring for you.  Here are five examples of curved wedding rings which could be designed around the same engagement ring.

Secondly, purchase our Bespoke Wedding Ring Contour Service. The process is easy and you can get the perfect curved wedding ring from the comfort of your own home without visiting a jeweller or sending your engagement ring out in the post.

Once you have purchased our kit, we will send it out to you in the post.  Our system involves mixing up two measured batches of putty and pressing your engagement ring into the silica mould.  The ring is to be left for ten minutes before removing your engagement ring and then post the impression back to us in the pre-paid envelope supplied in your kit.  Simple as that.  We’ll include detailed instructions with photographs of each stage of the process so you can be sure to get it right without any mistakes, stress or hassle.

It is the impression you send back to us which we will use to create a replica of the side of your engagement ring you pressed into the mould (handy tip:  make sure you press the side of the engagement ring into the mould against which your wedding ring will sit, which is especially important for asymmetrical engagement rings).  From there we can neatly create your ring so your wedding ring fits flush against your engagement ring using our replica.

I used to make the replica’s by creating a silver cast of the engagement ring whilst Clients waited during their workshop visits, but this way of working allows anyone anywhere in the world to get the perfect fit for their wedding ring.

Thirdly, choose a style of ring from the Jacqueline & Edward range, or, if you can’t see the style in your minds eye, or one which you like, then Contact Us  to chat about what you are looking for and there is no doubt that we can design a curved wedding ring specially for you.  You’ll find this will not cost any more than our existing range of curved rings, so never be put off by words like bespoke when working with Jacqueline & Edward.  Everything we create in one sense or another is bespoke.

The only remaining question is whether you want diamonds, or no diamonds as per your personal taste and again if this is not evident in the available styles on the website, it is something which we can add into a bespoke quote for you following your initial contact.

I look forward to working with you.

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