Ethical White Gold Alloy – Palladium Rich Wedding Rings Yorkshire UK and Global

Ethical White Gold Alloy – Palladium Rich Wedding Rings

Palladium Rich White Gold Alloy Wedding Rings – an exciting introduction

November 2019 – We’re always soldiering away behind the scenes here at Jacqueline & Edward – whether we’re working on customers’ wedding rings or creating new pieces to add to our much-loved collection. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the latest addition to our range: white gold alloy wedding rings.

Remember, we are based in Yorkshire but we regularly ship worldwide. Call us for a chat on 07792 171847 for free and expert advice or send a message via our contact form. We’re here to help and listen to your design ideas for bespoke commissions.

White Gold Alloy Wedding Rings – Plating Free

Mark has been working hard in our Yorkshire-based workshop creating a white alloy which doesn’t need plating like high street white gold.

This means a piece that offers optimum longevity, saving you money and ensuring a quality and premium white gold product to be proud of. Like one or more of the wedding rings in our existing collection? It can now be made in white gold, too – and here are those all-important details…

Palladium Rich 18ct White Gold Wedding Rings – Now Available

Great news – our new palladium rich 18ct white gold wedding, engagement and eternity rings are now available across all of our designs.

At Jacqueline & Edward, the 18ct premium white gold does not need white rhodium plating to create the white colour. Instead, it’s naturally white through and through, with a colour not dissimilar to platinum.

Palladium Rich Ethical White Gold Wedding and Eternity Rings

Ethical White Gold Alloy Rings Yorkshire, UK and Global

We ship worldwide. For anyone who wants to make an ethical choice, the white gold collection is perfect. You can also incorporate natural river gold in your handmade wedding or engagement rings, ensuring they are even more unique. After all, you’ll both be wearing your rings for a long time, so why not ensure they’re extra special?
Did you know, the white colour of 18ct white gold on the high street isn’t gold at all?
Instead, the rings available in well-recognised retailers are white rhodium plated. While this is what gives them their ‘white gold’ colour, on the inside, they’re typically an 18ct gold with a pale-yellow colour.

“Over time, the white rhodium scratches off, and therefore the rings come with a lifetime maintenance costm as the white rhodium wears away and exposes the duller tones of the underlying metal.” says our founder, Mark. “After this time, the ring needs re-plating and re-finishing, which can become a costly burden across an engagement, wedding ring and eternity ring set.”

This typically occurs in as little as two to three years, which can prove a false economy when you’ve splashed out so much on your chosen wedding rings.

It may be good news for the high street jeweller when it comes to getting customers through the door for repeat business, but it’s not great for those left with a ring which needs re-plating just a couple of years down the line.

“If you are going to go down the high street route”, says Mark, “make sure you are well prepared and well informed of this issue and are happy to adopt the maintenance requirements in return for the whiter than white look provided by white Rhodium plating.”

White Gold Wedding Rings – Ethically Crafted with Care in Yorkshire

Choose an ethical white gold wedding ring that’s been crafted with the utmost care in our Yorkshire workshop.

As there is no white rhodium plating, should you decide that you wanted to spruce up your ring for a future special occasion, you won’t be left feeling shocked by ongoing maintenance costs. After all, on the high street, the prices for maintenance can be above and beyond what would be expected with any yellow gold or platinum ring because of the added burden of white rhodium plating.

“The high palladium content of our rings not only means they will not discolour as the plating wears off, it also means a large portion of the 18ct alloy is made from a precious platinum group element (palladium) rather than just the more common and lower cost elements of copper and silver.” explains Mark.

A combination of recycled metals comprising recycled palladium, recycled gold, eco-silver and reclaimed electrical copper wire, our white gold rings will last and last.

But that’s not all…

A Fascinating Fact – Repurposing Copper into Palladium

The small amount of copper used in the alloy to provide strength is copper wire which has a fascinating story, It was historically used to run a contaminated land remediation system which pumped kerosene out of the ground, following a major fuel spill in Scotland.

“It has done good in the world already, whilst bringing a nationally important water resource back to health” says Mark.

Now, it’s doing good in the world yet again, by being thoughtfully and carefully repurposed into palladium rich white gold wedding and engagement rings.”

…and what could be better than that? Beautiful and ethical. Browse our range here and do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to chat about your handmade white gold wedding rings.

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